leslie sagara r.m.t.


Philosophy of Care

Massage therapy is based on a therapeutic understanding between the client and therapist. Within a nurturing environment, treatment is undertaken to promote the health of the client, facilitate integration of the whole person, provide rehabilitation for injuries, prevent illness and help the individual attain and maintain the highest level of health possible.

Consent to Treatment

In order to receive massage therapy a client must be willing and able to consent to treatment. This means that the client must be informed about and understand the treatment, and appreciate the consequences, that is, the risks and benefits of the massage therapy treatment. The client must also understand that it is one's right to modify or stop the treatment at any time.

It should be pointed out that treatment will not be given to clients whose state of health contraindicates massage therapy. If there are questions concerning this, please ask when the appointment is confirmed.

The Treatment

Upon an initial consultation, the client will be required to complete a health history form and to answer questions which may provide pertinent information for the therapist. Each treatment will include some form of assessment and with the client's current priorities, this will determine the aims of treatment. The treatment plan will be discussed with the client and can be modified at any time. The length of each treatment, their frequency and the total number of treatments required to resolve a specific concern may be negotiated. During the massage the client will be fully draped except for the area being treated.

As follow-up to a treatment I welcome discussion about the effects of massage therapy that a client may experience. Please leave a message at the clinic and I will return your call.

Client’s Rights/Confidentiality

The client has a right of access to his/her own files. These files, and any information that the client may disclose during treatment will be kept strictly confidential. Files will be kept in a secured area and will be released only upon written request of the client. Files will be kept for a minimum of 7 years after the date of the last appointment.

Adjuncts to Treatment

This refers to aspects of Self-Care which the therapist may assign the client either in conjunction with massage therapy or as an alternative to more frequent treatment. These may include Hydrotherapy, Remedial Exercise, Breathing and Relaxation Techniques, Aromatherapy and Nutrition. If an alternative is beyond my scope as a therapist, the client will be referred to an appropriate practitioner.

Insurance Coverage

You may find that your Extended Health Care Insurance covers you for massage therapy. Please check with your carrier. Also, if massage is recommended by your physician as being necessary for your recovery from an accident or serious illness you may be compensated by automobile insurance. Please check with your MD or insurance provider.