Musculoskeletal System
Relief from muscle tension and stiffness
Boosts athletic performance and reduces risk of injury
Improved posture and alignment
Faster recovery from injury

Circulatory System
Enhances immune system function
Faster recovery from illness
Removal of toxins from tissue
Healthier, more nourished skin

Central Nervous System
Lowers levels of stress hormones
Aids in the release of endorphins, the body's pain killers
Interrupts the cycle of chronic pain

Promotes deeper and easier breathing
Improves digestion

Psycho-Emotional Considerations
Promotes feelings of tranquility
Increases alertness and energy levels
Reinforces the mind-body connection

Massage Therapy can help specific problems such as:
Lower back pain
Neck & shoulder tension
Sports injuries
TMJ syndrome
Digestive problems
Frozen shoulder
Respiratory problems
Neuritis & Neuralgia
Tendonitis & Bursitis
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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